Tam Acosta & Zachary Bouaziz , Los Angeles.

In May 2016 the two founders were called to Peru as the ancient knowledge known there was laying heavy on our souls.  Inspired to create soulful fashionable garments channeling humanities ancient traditions and cultures, we journeyed into unfamiliar Peruvian territory.  Having never designed fashion before we knew that this process would require lots of intention and focus to make reality.

Within 24 hours of landing in Peru the magic began to flow deep within us.

What we learned in our travels was more than we could ever dream of.

Our efforts were very hands on in the streets of Peru organically connecting with each person necessary to start production of our first garments.

The textile we chose to use in our manufacturing was high frequency baby alpaca.

Bred for over 5,000 years, we believed the fur from this mystical camelid was our only option. In ancient times these animals were treasured by the Inca civilization for their fine luxurious fleece reserved only for Incan royalty and nobility.

These animals are highly respected by the local Peruvian people and are never slaughtered for their fur. Once spoken five times, they can remember their name for the rest of their lives. Alpaca’s continue to increase their awareness and happiness throughout their life making them one of the highest frequency animals of which can be felt in their fur. Living at altitudes of 11,500 feet and higher they are quite happy social herd animals.

The baby alpaca fur is the most fragile and virgin of the alpaca fur making it the softest and most luxurious of them all. Once shaved twice the animal’s single fiber fur is no longer considered baby alpaca.

You can feel the magic from these intelligent animals draped in our garments wherever your skin may be touched. It’s our belief that once you’ve experienced wearing our garments, the feelings of high frequency touch and nurturing is sure to resonate within your being.

We invite you to feel our vibration while looking divine draped in Trecapa.