Abril Téllez

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Inspiring entrepreneur woman


fashion designer


smily baby

sharing her gift with the world

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness"

ubuntu creations takeoff

Abril is the person who made possible and brought to reality the takeoff of Ubuntu Collections. 

Thanks to her wisdom, talent and experience working with embroidery and seamstresses women, and to the  beautiful studio she has in Mexico City where she has three talented women working with her and creating magic, Ubuntu found home and a space to create some beauties. 

Abril open up the doors and introduce us to artisans who are making possible one of our dreams - being a clothing brand that promotes and encourages you to dress as your higher self. 



Abril has been in the fashion industry for ## years, she is a very inspiring example of a women that followed her dreams. She started ...


Meeting Ubuntu, and joining forces with Tellez, is just the beginning of a very close journey together.