Alonso, Alex & Adrian, Mexico City

At Peregrino we design fine leather accessories mixed with handmade Mexican traditional art.

On a trip to San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, southeast Mexico, we were mesmerized by the richness and mystique of the local crafts. Several trips later, we were exploring the highlands of Chiapas. That’s where we met the Mayan descendant community of the Tzotzil. They fascinated us with complex techniques of hand-weaving cloth and the symbolism of their brocades. Inspired by their talent and history, we decided to create awareness of this indigenous community and their pre-hispanic art. 

Due to their geographical location and lack of resources, the Tzoztil people have limited access with the outside of their community. This makes it complicated to expose their art and get paid for it. Peregrino’s goal is to become the bridge between the Tzoztil and the modern world by showcasing their beautifully hand-woven cloth into the designs of our original products. 

Respecting and honoring the Tzotzil, Peregrino’s profits are used to expand the knitters’ collective who work with us and generate employment to pay their work fairly. At Peregrino, we believe in ethical style. 

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