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“This place has only three exits, sir: Madness and Death”- René Daumal


The moment between life and death is emblematic. A recurring thought in all of us, at every stage. Death is in films, in books, in our morning news, and in our afternoon walks. Death is in life - always. As Octavio Paz wrote, “Everything flows. What I lived, is dying still.”

In Mexico, death is a celebration. Día de Muertos is not only about those who have left us, but also about those of us who are still here. 

Let’s embrace it. Come celebrate with us!


6 pm - 10 pm:   Ubuntu Market  (Mexican Artisanal Market)  - at Upstairs Gallery of Casa Mezcal

6 pm - 10 pm:   Drinks & Collaborative Altar - at Botanic Lab

10 pm - 2 am:   DJ After Party by Imox - at Botanic Lab



*Free Entrance*


artist call


We will be creating a collaborative altar in tribute of loved ones who have passed and we want your help. 


It is believed that on November 1st and 2nd the souls of the dead return. The idea of altars is to offer them their favorite foods, water, tequila, mezcal, cigarettes, or even toys (for the souls of the children).

All of this is placed alongside portraits of the dead ( for info & inspiration). You can bring anything you want or see fit for our tribute of both life and death. 


about us



Kytzia Bourlon & Yoana Cortes

UBUNTU is a marketplace based on collaborations. We represent and collaborate with artisans across the world under fair-trade and 'smart' or 'flexible' economic models.

Traditions and celebrations are amongst our favorite things, which is why Día de Muertos is so special to us. We can't wait to share the market and celebrate this with you!




Alexa Gantous & Lily Lnt

MADMADE aims to open up unconventional spaces for experimental creativity and collaboration through inclusive and dynamic events that are all bout interaction and enjoyment.  

MADMADE is, above all, a community. It is musicians and conceptual artists, ceramists, DJs, designers and fine artists, performers and illustrators. It is visitors and sponsors, bartenders, and organizers, it is curious passersby, and friends of friends. It is us.



Jun Kwon & Christian Aguilar


summer Ubuntu

thursday, July 13th

5 to 9pm



“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair" ― Susan Polis Schutz


Summer has arrived and Verde just got its liquor license. YES, it finally happened. So without further ado on why this should happen, let's get down to the important details on it.

Food, Wine, Beer & Cider will available by Verde, and as importantly, there will be music and dancing :)



about VERDE

a gem in the flatiron

Verde is a new style of restaurant of seasonal veggies, impeccable technique, a beautiful space, and lots of love. Verde has been Ubuntu's home for the last three market editions.

Verde's culinary team will be creating products exclusively for sale at Ubuntu.

Some of our favorite salads that will be available are:

FINGERLING POTATOES // potatoes + pesto + frisée + smoked ricotta + dates + fig vinegar

BROCCOLI BLOSSOMS // broccoli + pasta + kimchi-lemon dressing + flowers + mint + broccoli-ginger sauce