Suad Muñoz & Octavio Chávez, Mexico City

Mabayo comes from otomi word that means “rebozo” which is a Mexican garment used by indigenous women all around the country.
We take care that every product we create is 100% done in Mexico by Mexican artisans and small family business, the goal is to promote and increase work opportunities in our own country.
I studied textiles design because I was always passionate about Mexican textiles but it was 4 years ago that the idea of the brand began, I started working with artisans in small projects and a year and a half ago finally created the brand, always with the idea of promoting the artisans work and creating more opportunities for them. A few months ago my good friend Octavio Chavez joined the brand and we are now trying to help more artisans from around the country, the idea is to create collections from different communities and promote the area crafts.
A lot of our traditions and textiles are losing value because of the new textiles techniques so the idea of Mabayo is to preserve the communities iconography and techniques and promote them as new products.
The shirts are made  in a small local textile factory and then handed to the artisans which carefully work in every piece   in Temoaya, State of Mexico.
The shirt production takes around 10 days to come out of the factory and then comes the second part, the embroidery; which can take 10 to 20 days to be finished. In all this process we respect the artisans time to get it done, their lifestyle requires certain weeks to dedicate to the sowing time, so if needed they take a few more weeks to start the embroidery process.

We design different types of shirts with a variety of fabrics such as linen and cotton, we pick them up from the factory and take them to the community to create the new designs hand in hand with the artisans, we talk, eat and have a good time while we carefully choose the colors and the iconography that are going to be sewed in the shirts.
Jacoba is our community leader, she organizes and teaches the otomi women in her community which is located in a small town in Teamoaya, State of Mexico.
She is an amazing woman full of wisdom and with so many talents, she is also a singer, leader of the otomi chorus and also knows a lot about natural medicine.
We work under the fair trade principles so we do everything to provide the best to our artisans and their families in every sale, not just by paying the fair amounts but by providing more facilities to our women and their communities such as food and goods.