Estefania Helfon,
Mexico City

Each of our pieces show the traditions of each cooperative we work with because every woman through weaving, communicates different stories and ancestral symbolism of that community. The products are the highest expression of the feelings and thoughts of the culture, they include animals, plants and traces left by their ancestors symbolized by figure. 


Yoga bags:

  • Made in Zinacantán, Chiapas & Santo Tomás Jalieza and Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca.
  • The production takes 4 to 5 days per yoga bag.


  • Made by Zapotec communities  - Santo Tomás Jalieza
  • The production takes 3 days per backpack.

Wayuu Bags:

  • Made in Colombia (working with a foundation)
  • The production takes 8 to 20 days per bag.


  • Made in Zinacantán & San Juan Chamula Chiapas.
  • The production takes 2 days per case.

We mainly work with the Santo Tomás Jalieza community. And our principal artesans are:

  • Elizabeth
  • Jovita /she is the ex president of the community 
  • Florencia Chavez
  • Ilde

The funds collected in Ubuntu Market are going to financially support different communities by buying them the biggest quantity of pieces and to grow our artisan community to be able to support more cooperatives from different places in Mexico and other countries that are not yet part of Kumbelele but to whom we would love to provide a source of income, buying them their pieces and promoting their culture and traditions.