Genevieve Kim

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Wise alien


third musketeer

Sister from another mother

storytelling magic maker



“maybe it's not about the length of time you've known someone; maybe it's about instant recognition on an unconscious level. Our souls know each other.”
― S.E. Hall

third musketeer - a key piece documenting Ubuntu.

Kytzia met Gen through Airbnb one year ago. Since the first evening they met, they saw how forces were going to be piece together when the timing was right. Months after meeting, the synchronicity arrived at a perfect moment. Ubuntu & Triangle Flash Studio joined forces. 

Gen has documented all the magic behind our day to day, in the adventures we have encountered, in the events and experiences we have done and most recently, she came with us to Mexico (Chiapas & Oaxaca) to have a immersive Mexican experience where we visited different artisans. They showed us how they do their specific traditional artisanal work, while presenting us their houses and their families.


From her energy, to her wisdom, to her experience, to her friendship, so many beautiful and inspiring things have happened. We are very grateful to have her by our side, as a muse, a teacher and as a student. Extremely thankful to be in this wild and adventurous journey together, and very excited for the magic we will keep co - creating. 



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