Doña Carmen Agudo Perez

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Her Sacred Threads

Story documented by Triangleflash


mother of three

wife of Jose

town seamstress

magic maker

"You are responsible for your own happiness. In fact, you create it. You attract it. You manifest it. You are the architect of your reality. 
You choose your thoughts, your perceptions, and your reactions to external forces.
You possess all the tools needed to expand your awareness, to orchestrate the evolution of your consciousness, to choose happiness, to choose love.
You are that powerful. Create the life you deserve. Vibrate love."
— Creig Crippen

beginnings of ubuntu creations

Doña Carmen is an amazing seamstress. She's the official seamstress of her small village, about 30 minutes away from Oaxaca City. She also makes the clothing of her daughter, Nancy.

Slowly by slowly, her family has been getting involved in the materialization of Ubuntu Creations. Her husband Jose, cuts the fabrics, while her daughter Nancy is starting to learn how to embroider to help her mother with the productions.

Her son is not involved in the business yet, but Carmen is very positive that he'll soon join and start sewing. She commented last time we visit her "It's a matter of time, he's starting to see closer what i'm doing, and how the rest of the family is getting involved. Soon it will be a family activity". 



Doña Carmen lives 40 minutes away from Oaxaca City. Since we met her, she has always invited us to her house, and has welcomed us with cold sodas on hand to her simple and beautiful house.

On our last visit, she kindly offered us house-made wine and mezcal. We happily accepted and only to say we had a great time.



Story documented by Genevieve Kim - @Triangleflash


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