Cristobal & Daniel Segura, 21 and 24, Mexico City & New York City

We’re brothers, 21 and 24 years old. We moved from Mexico City to New York exactly a year ago, it was the first time we left home to start a new adventure.

We originally came to study professional cooking at the ICC. While exposing at the first Ubuntu, we met Gonzalo Gout (Verde, Curated Greens) who introduced us to the Cosme family. We started interning there a few weeks after that. We then quited school and started full-time at Cosme, and are both still there. :)

Ruta Segura is inspired by home recepies, that are a reminder of our family traditions, and of our Mexico. They’re the soul of a good family dinner, especially paired with quesadillas.

We intend using the funds from these sales to continue our salsa production, as well as keep experimenting in the kitchen and create new things.