Andrea & Lucía Prudencio, Veracruz Mexico

Pol & Pol is a Mexican brand created by two sisters whose offices converge on this project: the graphic and the textile.

Lucia and Andrea Prudencio design garments, accessories and decorative items with original handmade prints and embroidery made by women from Veracruz communities.

Their inspiration is the traditional Mexican textile and the flora of the Fog Forest of Veracruz region, where they live.

The collaboration with sewing, embroidery and textile printing workshops make possible this project whose objective is to generate quality handmade textile design products made in Mexico.

The artisan value is very important for Pol & Pol as both the prints and the textile finishes are handmade by their work team. The images of the prints are the result of original creations engraved in wood and printed on canvas. Each of the garments are unique limited edition garments.