Annika Ussel, 23, Mexico City

I am a passionate urban planner and designer. My curiosity and dedication have led me to participate in a variety of projects around the world.

Fascinated by the complexity of the world we live in, one of my greatest passions is to understand cities as a product of human behavior. My goal is to positively contribute to the lives of the people living in them. My work as a planning consultant takes place in a multidisciplinary environment that encourages collective problem solving.

I recently launched a project in which I assemble small geometric terrariums to create living products. Working with Mexican craftsmen and plant growers the project aims to support both local contemporary design and traditional horticulture practices.

“Cities have created environments in which people have lost their connection to nature. I think this takes part in a greater aspiration to reconnect humanity to its roots but without losing the spaces in which we are brought together to share and create.”

Part of these funds will help continue this project’s growth and part of it will serve as funds to develop other independent projects related to cities and nature.